Random Post 21Feb2012

나는 버릇이 있어
흔하지만 더러운
그런 버릇
생각이 많을때
아님 정서가 불안할 때
손톱을 물어뜯기 시작해
그러면 아무 잘못없는
내 손톱은
그러다가 입술을
피가나도 계속 

반복돼는 vicious cycle


김범수 – 애인있어요

아 듣기 좋다…

Random Post 11Feb2012

I had a bunch of bananas that had transformed from a fresh green-yellow color to ripe-yellow color with brown dots all over. I’ve never really liked bananas so I decided to make chocolate covered bananas to spice them up a bit. I messed up my first batch because I forgot to remove the melted chocolate from the heat, which resulted in a blob of thickened chocolate that would not coat the bananas. I also realized chocolate covered strawberries are a lot easier to make since you can hold them by the stems while coating them. As I am writing this post, I am eating them cooled with a cup of soymilk while listening to the Friends Season 3, Episode 10 – TOW Rachel Quits. I love Rachel. I love Jennifer Aniston! While I’m on the subject of Jennifer Aniston, her movie Wonderlust, will have its premiere at the Village Theater in Westwood this coming Thursday. Paul Rudd is also in the movie. I love Paul Rudd. He was so funny in Knocked Up and Friends. But anyway, I’m hanging out with a friend at Barney’s Beanery that night so I’m gonna try to catch Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. It would be awesome if I could get a premiere ticket, but I realized I actually have to go watch Itzhak Perlman perform later that night. I’m super excited. I tried out my new curling iron today just because I got bored. I think it’s good.. I just wish I got a thicker barrel…maybe 1 1/2 inch. Mine’s 1 1/4 inch. I rediscovered my Sonia Kashuk’s hidden agenda concealer palette this week. The lightest color actually matches my skin tone right now so it’s easier to use. It covers up my acne scars on my cheeks pretty well. I think I’m gonna get another one soon…although I recently bought Laura Mercier secret camouflage. Laura Mercier one is pretty dry though so I need to experiment with it more to make the best out of it. I looked into the new Spring 2012 collection for Chanel makeup and the nail polish in May looked really cute. Do I want to dish $26 for a nail polish? It IS a bit expensive but the color is sooo pretttyyyy. I’ve also been eyeing this Rebecca Minkoff mini mac clutch in lime. So cute. It’s such a statement piece and it’s reasonably priced for the quality and design. Mm… I’m craving moscato. I think I’m gonna save some of my chocolate covered bananas so I can have them with moscato later. I was looking through some cheese at Ralphs today but they were so freaking expensive. I never knew cheese can be that expensive. I love cheese…..mm mmmm. Huh. I’m reading a post on Pann and the poster (a girl) says her boyfriend told her that he is a transgender. lol. She’s probably questioning her own sexuality….

I finally bought Adele’s 21 album.