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Movie Review: Something Borrowed

Two words: Don’t watch.

It was a waste of my money… should’ve watched Bridesmaids instead.

Let me elaborate on why I disliked the movie.

1. Cheating is cheating. I do not believe there is a grey area for this issue. No matter how much Rachel liked Dex in the past, Dex is her best friend, Darcy’s, fiancĂ©. Yes, it’s sad that both Rachel and Dex did not have enough courage in the past to confess their feelings for one another. But, I could not agree with the way the movie tried to get the audience to feel sympathetic towards them. What they did was horrible! I admit Darcy was bad too for also cheating on Dex but that does not justify any of their wrongdoings.

2. Lagging, much? I thought the movie would never end. It needs some serious editing!

My disappointment may be due my high expectations for this movie. I love Kate Hudson’s acting so I really looked forward to this movie. Well, at least John Krasinski was fun to watch.