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Simply Chase

From Beyond Your Ability by Kevin Hajin Choi:

“When we think of doing the work of God, ‘fear’ frequents our heart. Our hearts are confronted by the enemy’s Goliaths and we are tempted to compromise like King Saul. Our Goliath is not the hardship staring back at us, but the fear of that hardship. In order to beat this Goliath, we need the simplicity of David.
The main reason that we often cannot move forward in faith is because our minds are filled with many complicated thoughts. ‘If I give my life to God, what will my parents or my wife say? Will I be able to make money? What will happen to me when I retire?’ These types of worries will deter our faith. If we shrink back from doing God’s will because we see it as being too complicated, it means that we do not yet have enough faith. We will not succeed if this is the case.
I believe hat the makeup of faith is simplicity. Trim the cluttering thoughts from your mind and place your life in God’s hands. Choose Him and walk down that one road lying ahead of you. That is faith. David rested his life in God’s hands. He simply took a few stones and a sling and went forward. Trusting that God was with him, he slung those stones with all his strength. In the end, David killed Goliath and claimed victory.”