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B Brian Atwood Heels


$400 ㅠㅠ


Makeup: My Guilty Pleasure

I love makeup!

It all started after I graduated from high school.

All my high school years, I was never interested in makeup because 1) my mom said it would ruin my skin if I started using it when I was too young, 2) none of my close friends wore any, and 3) I didn’t really see the need of it (although looking back, I could’ve used some under eye concealers for my dark circles).

But the summer before college, my friends and I started exploring, and I fell in love! The more I learned about it, the more I realized how useful and handy it was. I saw how much of a difference it made on people. How a foundation could even out skin, a mascara open up someone’s eyes, and a pop of color on the lips bring color into a face.

I started off with a black eyeliner from makeup forever and a diorshow mascara. (I don’t know why I started off with such high-end products. *face palm*) Lo and behold, I could not figure out why my eyes would look like a panda after 5 minutes of applying eyeliner and that the mascara I was using was not ideal for my lashes that were naturally straight and pointing downward. So I started digging deeper.

The more and more I researched and watched videos related to makeup, the more my love for makeup grew.

I am still learning. I actually don’t apply makeup too often because I am not diligent enough (kudos to you girls that come to 8 o’clock lectures with full blown makeup and hair!!), plus I’m fine with going to class with 쌩얼 (no makeup). Remember, makeup is a supplement, not a requirement! :P

So now, one of my guilty pleasures is watching or reading makeup tutorials. If I had to pick ONE makeup artist that I would follow for the rest of my life, I would choose Lisa Eldridge. Oh my. I’m so glad I found out about her. I love how she focuses on looking “natural”. I hate seeing people with just tons and tons of makeup caked on their faces. I love listening to her speak about makeup because I can just sense how much she loves it. You can tell that she is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. Not only is she a world renown makeup artist, creative director for No. 7, and spokesperson for Chanel, but also she’s an inspiration. I remember watching her video on how to make it into the makeup industry, and even though I don’t plan on pursuing in that direction, I still found this video very helpful because she emphasizes so much on being focused in what you want to do and working hard for it. I just love her. If I could get my future bridal makeup done by her, one of my life goals would be accomplished. lol XD

Watch this video to see her beautifying party/prom make up (photo friendly) tutorial:

and tell me you don’t think she is brilliant! (Don’t you love her accent?! haha)

Makeup is awesome!! :)

I <3 Wedding Gowns

She looks gorgeous. The dress is sooo prettyyyyyy. ♡_♡