A Place I Am Determined to Visit #003: Bora Bora, Tahiti

3. Bora Bora, Tahiti/French Polynesia

I’m sure everyone has heard about Bora Bora at some point as it is a very popular destination for honeymoon. Huh…I definitely shall not go here alone! I’ll look so sad…lol. I’m really scared of the ocean but this place looks just too pretty to pass. Look at the color of the water!! So clean! :) Besides, I can either explore the lagoon at the  Bora Bora Lagoonarium by swimming with sharks, dolphins, and fishes (kinda scary…but cool) or if I feel that I’m not up for it, then I can ride in the Aquascope, which is a semi-submersible watercraft.

I want to take a really good book when I go here and just relax on the white sand and read too.

One down side of Bora Bora is that it’s ridiculously expensive there… :( oh money, why are thou always stopping me from having fun??! Why?!

Considering the price, I should go November to April but that’s when it’s rainy and humid… and unpredictable with storms. :( May to October is when there are a lot of tourists since the weather is nice but again, it would be very expensive. I’m thinking May for now. Most of my money would probably go into the hotel, since I really really really want a nice bungalow!! I mean, come on! Look at this!:

I’ll spend a lot less money for food by taking a lot of cup ramen there. lol… That should help out with the hotel bills?


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