Heck yeah!

This statistics shows that with survival rate of stomach cancer, Korea’s ranked first – 64.7%. (Japan’s second, Puerto Rico third, U.S. fourth, and Israel fifth)
The doctors say that since Koreans have a higher chance of getting stomach cancer (I think because of our diet), they have more patients with stomach cancer, which leads to more surgeries they are able to perform; with more practice, they get better at this surgical procedure and even get to develop better ways to perform this procedure.

This is a picture of surgeons from other countries that came to a hospital in Korea to learn about the new technique this surgeon (Yang, Han Kwang) came up with. hehe

I’ve been reading some articles recently regarding the Korean medical field, and I feel that it’s getting recognized by the medical world a little by little, especially with surgical procedures… I think everyone knows how skilled Korean plastic surgeons are. People come across the world to get ’em done by Korean plastic surgeons. haha

I’m excited to apply to Korean medical schools! I’ll be even more excited once I get accepted, obviously. We’ll see about that! :|


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